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Refer someone to us when they leave your care

If you work for a specified public authority, you can refer a service user to us if they will have nowhere suitable to live when they leave your care. This is the 'duty to refer’.  

The service user must have a connection to the Royal Borough of Greenwich. 

There's a different kind of referral if you’re concerned about someone sleeping on the streets. Get help for someone who is sleepting rough.

Before you make a referral

You must:  

  • get the service user's consent. They must agree to you passing on their contact details 
  • find out how they would like us to contact them - either by phone, email or letter 

Try to give us as much information about the service user as possible, for example, their: 

  • full name and date of birth 
  • gender 
  • address 
  • nationality 
  • household information -- names of people who live with them 
  • main reason for homelessness 
  • pregnancy due date (if applicable) 
  • NHS number 
  • National Insurance (NI) number 

Also include your organisation's reference number, if applicable. 

Make a referral under the duty to refer

You'll need to fill in our online referral form.  

You'll need to register the first time you use the form. 

Make a referral

What happens next

We'll check the details you've given and either phone, email or write a letter to the service user.  

If they do not respond, we'll send information so they can get advice when they're ready.