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Arrears left by former tenants

Rent and housing charges debts left by tenants who move out are dealt with by the Income Recovery team.

If you leave a property with arrears we will:

  • send you a closing statement of your account within 15 working days as long as we have your full contact details
  • be polite and try to answer your questions as effectively and efficiently as possible.
  • see you promptly if you visit our office, keep to appointments that you make with us, and visit you at home if you ask
  • deal with your enquiry confidentially and professionally
  • be available to answer questions between 9am and 5.30pm Monday to Friday, although it may not always be possible to speak to a particular individual
  • reply to your letters within 10 working days of receiving them
  • offer and explain about a range of payment options, including payment at payment points, over the telephone, and via the internet
  • agree a payment by instalments plan if you cannot clear your arrears in one go.

Housing Direct Debit request for rent arrears - Former tenants

Recovery methods

If outstanding rent and housing charges remain unpaid we will use the following recovery methods:

  • if we do not have a current address we will use tracing agents and other methods to find one
  • debt collection agencies
  • if a tenant has died, we check probate records to see if there is an estate from which the debt can be paid
  • legal actions including money judgement orders, charging orders and attachment of earnings orders.