Annual gas checks - council and tenant responsibilities

The Royal Borough of Greenwich must make sure that gas appliances, flues and fittings we provide for our tenants' use are safe. We carry out a safety check once a year. This is our legal duty as a landlord.

As a tenant, you must let us in to your property to do the check and any work needed to make your home gas safe. This is a requirement under your tenancy agreement.

You'll receive a letter from us with an appointment date for your gas safety check shortly before it's due.

To reschedule our visit, call the Gas Section on 0800 317 715. Note that the date of the check must be within a year of the last check.

What to expect during the gas safety check

Anyone we send to inspect, install or maintain a gas appliance will be Gas Safe registered, technically competent and carry identification with them.

We'll check the following:

  • fittings including supply pipes and capped supplies
  • flues and/or chimneys
  • gas appliances that the council has provided, such as boilers.

We'll also:

  • check that appliances we provide continue to run safely and efficiently - saving you money
  • provide a carbon monoxide detector in properties with a council-owned gas appliance, and show you how it works
  • carry out a visual check of your own gas appliances and let you know if it needs to be serviced or fixed
  • maintain and/or repair gas appliances that we provide.

If you do not let us in, and where it becomes necessary, we will take legal action to enable us to fulfil our duty.

Report boiler, heater or gas problems

If you've lost heating or hot water, call 020 8921 8900.

If you have a gas leak, report this to the National Grid.

Find out more about gas safety (Gas Safe Register website)