Fire Risk Assessments

All our high-rise buildings have a current and up-to-date Fire Risk Assessment in place, and follow current fire safety standards.

We will be uploading updated Fire Risk Assessments by November 2020.

The assessments are carried out by trained and experienced Fire Risk Assessors, from our dedicated Fire Safety Team. They raise repairs which our staff or specialist contractors will carry out.

We review each assessment yearly, or more frequently if required. We take fire safety seriously and all our buildings are compliant with fire safety regulations.

The London Fire Brigade also carry out their own checks of the fire arrangements in buildings, sometimes with our fire officers.

Review following the Grenfell Tower tragedy

We appreciate that residents living in Council-owned properties, in particular high-rise buildings, may have concerns about their accommodation. To reassure our tenants, we've reviewed the assessments of all high-rise buildings again.

We'll also follow any recommendations that may arise from the investigation into the Grenfell Tower fire.


Communal areas

The assessments cover all aspects of the fire safety arrangements for the communal areas of the building, including:

  • fire safety signage
  • fire doors and door closers
  • fire compartmentalisation (which prevents fire and smoke spreading within the building)
  • the operation of automatic opening vents and emergency lighting
  • escape routes (making sure they are clear and free of obstruction)
  • access arrangements for the emergency services.

We're continually checking the housekeeping within the common/communal areas of buildings, to ensure standards are maintained, and are currently carrying out extra checks.

We also want to work with you to ensure that escape routes remain clear of combustible materials and obstructions, and that fire doors operate as they should.