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How you should leave the property

Nobody else should be living in your property when you move out. Anyone remaining will be an unlawful occupant. We may take action against you as well as any unlawful occupant left in your property. Contact the Tenancy Support Team if someone will be staying in the property.

You should leave the property and garden in a clean and tidy condition and take away all your belongings. You can arrange for a bulky waste collection to remove any large items.

If we need to clean or repair the property or get rid of anything you leave behind you'll have to pay for this. To avoid getting an unwelcome bill, make sure you:

  • repair any damage caused to the property by you, your family or visitors to your home
  • clear all your items from the inside and the outside of the property. This includes any loft space, external cupboards or sheds
  • replace any non-standard fixtures and fittings.

Property inspection

We'll arrange a time with you to visit the property before you leave and offer advice and check the condition. If we find the property needs any repairs we can agree how you will pay for these in advance.