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Tenancy agreements

Your tenancy agreement is a legal document. If you break the terms of the agreement, you could be faced with court action and in extreme cases be evicted.

Download the housing tenancy agreement

Your responsibilities

Your main areas of responsibility are to:

  • behave reasonably and make sure that other members of your household, visitors or pets do not cause a nuisance or annoy other people
  • pay your rent, water and other charges on time
  • look after your home, including keeping gardens in a tidy and well maintained condition
  • make sure that you do not cause a fire hazard in your home or communal areas.

Getting permission

You must ask us for permission if you want to:

  • alter or adapt the inside or outside of your home
  • paint the outside
  • install an outdoor aerial or satellite dish or other media equipment
  • sub-let part of your home or take in lodgers if you are an introductory tenant
  • exchange your home
  • keep a dog or get other dogs
  • assign your tenancy to another person.