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What is a council tenancy?

If you rent your home from the Royal Borough of Greenwich, you become a council tenant.

You will be given a tenancy agreement that sets out our obligations as your landlord, and your responsibilities as a tenant.

Types of tenancy

There are three types of tenancy:

Tenancy policy

Our tenancy policy provides information about the types of social housing tenancies that we use for our tenants and information on tenancy management issues.

View our council tenancy policy

Occupation of the property

You must live in your council property and use it as your main home. You must inform us if the property is going to be empty for a period of more than six weeks. If the property is left empty for long periods, we may require the tenancy to be given up.

Advice for prisoners

You can download an advice leaflet for prisoners who hold a council tenancy.

Passing on a tenancy

You can pass your home on to somebody when you die by succession or assignment. Find out more about passing on a tenancy

Ending a tenancy

You need to give the Royal Borough of Greenwich four weeks' notice if you want to end your tenancy

Tenants' handbook

You can find out about the housing services we provide in the tenants' handbook.