Garages to let

There are a limited number of council-owned garages and parking spaces available to rent in Royal Greenwich. You can apply to be put on a waiting list to sign up for the next available garage or parking space.

The waiting list is prioritised based on criteria such as whether you are a council tenant or leaseholder and how close the garage is to your home.

Garages are very popular and depending on the priority banding you are put in, we might not be able to offer you a garage.

What does it cost?

Rent must be paid by monthly Direct Debit.

Prices are graded A to C according to the standard of the garage and its location.

Monthly garage rent for council tenants and leaseholders
Garage type First month Next 11 months
Grade A £8.13 £8.05 per month
Grade B £19.01 £18.84 per month
Grade C £37.98 £37.63 per month

Rents are higher for people who aren't council tenants or leaseholders, as the total amount will include VAT.

Monthly garage rent for people who aren't council tenants or leaseholders
Garage type First month Next 11 months
Grade A £9.70 £9.66 per month
Grade B £22.84 £22.60 per month
Grade C £45.60 £45.16 per month

A 20 per cent discount is available for households with a disabled person living there.

Prices may increase in the future.

How to apply

Garages are very popular and we currently have long waiting lists for all areas of the borough. Depending on the priority banding you are awarded, we may never be in a position to offer you a garage.

The Tenancy Support Team will contact you when a garage becomes available. You don't need to call to check on your application.

Apply to rent a garage or parking space

Who gets priority?

Garages are allocated according to priority and then by the date of the application. Priority groups are described in the table below.

  • Group A - a household where any member of the household is disabled and the residents are Royal Borough of Greenwich tenants or leaseholders.
  • Group B - current garage tenants whose garage is being closed down, for example, to allow for site development, or their garage is non-repairable.
  • Group C - a household suffering car-related hate crime or domestic violence and the allocation of a garage is a recommendation of the Multi-Agency Panel.
  • Group D - current Royal Greenwich tenants and leaseholders living near to the facility and members of their household where this is their permanent home.
  • Group E1 - other residents of the Royal Borough of Greenwich who are registered disabled.
  • Group E2 - all other residents of the Royal Borough of Greenwich.
  • Group F - all applicants who live outside the Royal Borough of Greenwich.
  • Group G - requests for second garages for current RBG tenants and leaseholders and members of their household.

Please note: These facilities are not available to Royal Borough of Greenwich staff for employment related parking. Staff will be treated as non-residents.

Priority for people with disabilities

We give priority to people with mobility and sight impairments, or households with a member who has such impairment.

If you believe you would be eligible for priority, you will need to provide original copies of the following documents when you are accepted for a garage or parking space:

  • blue badge
  • proof of receiving the mobility component of Disability Living Allowance (DLA)
  • proof of being registered blind or partially sighted
  • proof of having a Motability vehicle
  • proof of receiving a War Pensioner's mobility supplement
  • proof of receiving Attendance Allowance.

Garage sizes

Our standard garage size is 7ft wide and 6ft 4 high, though some of our garages are smaller. We don't have any garages larger than this.

If you are offered a garage, we'll meet you on site to view the garage so that you can check if it is large enough for your vehicle before you sign a rental agreement with us.

Arrears - if you are in debt to the Council

If you are in debt to the Council, for example if you are a tenant with rent arrears or a leaseholder with service charge arrears, your name will not go onto the garage waiting list until your account is clear.

If you rent a garage from us and your account falls into arrears, we may repossess the garage.

Ending your garage rental

If you wish to end your garage rental, you must contact the Royal Borough of Greenwich and give us at least a week's notice. The notice period must end on a Monday.

Please contact the Tenancy Support team to discuss this. You will need to:

  • fill in a garage termination form
  • return your keys
  • empty the garage.

Come in to one of the Royal Borough's service centres to fill in the form and return the keys.

Keys must be handed in by 12 noon on or before the date at which the notice period comes to an end to avoid the £100 charge for a lock change.

You may also be charged for the clearance of any items that remain past the end of your notice.

If you are served with a Notice to Quit due to non-payment the same rules apply.