Garages to let

Due to a high number of applicants currently on the garage waiting list and insufficient lettable garages, the garage application process and waiting list is currently suspended. 

There are a limited number of council-owned garages and parking spaces available to rent in Royal Greenwich. You can apply to be put on a waiting list to sign up for the next available garage or parking space.

The waiting list is prioritised based on criteria such as whether you are a council tenant or leaseholder and how close the garage is to your home.

Garages are very popular and depending on the priority banding you are put in, we might not be able to offer you a garage.

Due to increased pressures on housing managed car parks and estate roads, garages are strictly let for the purpose of storing a vehicle (primarily a car). Therefore applications made for any other purpose including storage, will be refused.

What does it cost?

Rent must be paid by monthly Direct Debit.

Prices are graded A to C according to the standard of the garage and its location.

Garage rent for council tenants and leaseholders
Garage type Weekly Monthly
Grade A £11 £48.59
Grade B £13 £57.41
Grade C £15 £66.25

Rents are higher for people who are not council tenants or leaseholders, as the total amount will include VAT.

Garage rent for people who are not council tenants or leaseholders
Garage type Weekly Monthly
Grade A £13.20 £58.30
Grade B £15.60 £68.90
Grade C £18 £79.50

A 20% discount is available for households with a disabled person living there subject to meeting the eligibility criteria.

Prices may increase in the future.

How to apply

Garages are very popular and we currently have long waiting lists for all areas of the borough. 

If you have previously applied you will remain on the waiting list and The Tenancy Support Team will contact you when a garage becomes available. You don't need to call to check on your application.

Garage sizes

Our standard garage size is 7ft wide and 6ft 4 high, though some of our garages are smaller. We don't have any garages larger than this.

If you are offered a garage, we'll meet you on site to view the garage so that you can check if it is large enough for your vehicle before you sign a rental agreement with us.