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Options for overcrowded families

The Royal Borough of Greenwich does not have enough properties available to immediately help all families that need to be housed. The waiting time for larger properties, particularly houses, is several years. We know it is difficult to live in very overcrowded conditions for that long and we have developed a range of options to help you.

Options for grown up children

For some households, overcrowding can be tackled if grown-up children with their own partners and children move out into their own homes. There are options available for 'junior households' either to buy a home through a low-cost home ownership scheme or to rent a new or refurbished property at a subsidised rent.

Mutual exchange

This scheme allows you to swap your home with another tenant. It is open to council and housing association tenants and could be a good option for finding a larger home.


If overcrowded conditions at home are causing strained relations in your household, mediation might be able to help. It may at least be able to improve relations enough to allow you to look at longer term solutions.