Capital works

Capital works are works to the structure and exterior of your flat and building, and to any other premises that your lease grants you the right to use - for example, the common areas of the building and estate.

The Royal Borough will carry out any necessary repairs to your block and estate.

You'll be consulted before any work takes place.

Charges for capital works

As a leaseholder, if capital works are to be carried out to your estate or block you'll be invoiced an estimate.

Your service charges will be adjusted once the final cost of the works is known.

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What does capital work cover?

The Royal Borough will carry out any necessary repairs to your block and estate.

Works to your block

This is the building that your property forms a part of. On your block, works might include:

  • roofs
  • window frames, but not glass
  • refuse bin areas
  • external walls
  • rainwater gutters and pipes
  • communal doors and entry phones
  • lifts
  • communal boilers
  • decoration of external and internal communal parts.

Works to the estate

This is the building, outbuildings, grounds, gardens, neighbouring buildings and land (including roads and paths) that are managed as one unit. On your estate, capital works might include repairs to:

  • estate roads and paths
  • boundary fences and gates
  • refuse bin areas
  • play areas
  • landscaping
  • gardens (excluding private gardens).

What doesn't it cover?

Capital works don't cover any work to the inside of your home. As a leaseholder, you're responsible for maintaining the inside of your property yourself. For example:

  • front entrance doors to individual flats
  • kitchens
  • bathrooms
  • internal decoration
  • individual heating systems
  • water tanks and cisterns.

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