Service charges and capital works

If you own your council property, either as a leaseholder or as a freeholder with services, you will be invoiced each year for services provided to your block or estate.

Capital works

In addition to the annual revenue service charges, leaseholders must also contribute towards any capital works carried out to their block or estate.

Capital works are works to the structure and exterior of your flat and building and to any other premises that your lease grants you the right to use. This includes communal areas of the building and estate.

Your bill

You will be sent an invoice for estimated service charges on 1 April each year. The amount invoiced will be based on the last actual costs available plus an element for inflation.

There are various payments options including payment by monthly instalments.

The estimated service charges are adjusted in the September following the end of the financial year, once the actual costs of providing the services has been calculated. If the actual costs are higher than previously estimated, an invoice for the difference will be issued. If the actual costs are lower than previously estimated, a credit adjustment will be applied to your account which will be used against future service charges.

If capital works are to be carried out to your estate or block you will be invoiced an estimate. Your charges will be adjusted once the defects period has finished and the final accounts have been agreed.