Your responsibilities

As a leaseholder, you are responsible for looking after everything inside your home or that only relates to your home.

This includes:

  • paying all the charges that are due for services, repairs, improvements, insurance and ground rent
  • keeping your home in good repair, including decoration, doors and door frames, inside walls, plasterwork, ceilings and floorboards or flooring
  • insuring the contents of your home
  • you must not make any structural alterations or additions to your home without the Royal Borough of Greenwich's written permission
  • you are responsible for the behaviour of your children, other members of your household and any visitors. You must ensure that neither you nor any other person causes any form of nuisance or harassment to your neighbours or others on your estate
  • you must advise the Royal Borough if you sublet your property.

Gas safety

You are responsible for the servicing of gas appliances within your home. It is recommended that you carry out services annually and these must be done by a Gas Safe (formerly CORGI) registered engineer.

For a list of registered contractors in the area go to the Gas Safe website.

Once you have had your appliances serviced you will be given a certificate. Please send a copy of the certificate to the Engineering Services Operations Manager.