Once you have purchased your property, you will receive a Leaseholder Information Pack.

It will help you understand your rights and responsibilities as a leaseholder and your relationship with the Council.

The Leaseholder Information Pack contains:

  • a copy of the current buildings insurance certificate
  • a summary of your rights and obligations as a leaseholder
  • a guide to subletting your home
  • contact details of your Property Accounts Officer
  • a Direct Debit mandate for payment of your service charges
  • a Customer Charter.

Read the Customer Charter

Meet our staff

As a new home owner you will also be offered the chance to have a meeting with a member of staff to ask questions about service charges, major works or other aspects of being a leaseholder. This can take place either in our office or in your home.

Improving services

Both the Leaseholder Information Pack and the introductory visits are part of our commitment to continuously improving the services that we offer to our leaseholders.

Leaseholder handbook

The leaseholder handbook sets out your rights and responsibilities as a leaseholder and is the first place to look for answers to the questions that you have about the Home Ownership Service.

Download the leaseholder handbook