Apply to buy land from the Council

Under exceptional circumstances residents can apply to buy small areas of land on council housing estates. 

Because this is public land the council would not normally sell it to benefit private individuals. To be eligible for consideration the area of land in question must be less than 50 square metres in size, unsuitable for redevelopment, and not used by others, e.g. for access. 

Applications will be considered if there is wider community benefit e.g. if disposal of the land would help alleviate management issues, or there are other extenuating circumstances.

Estate greens and alleyways will not be considered for sale.

The land may be sold as freehold or leasehold. This is assessed on a case-by-case basis and will depend on the circumstances of the site.

Any sale may also include restrictions to prevent certain types of uses, activities or development on the site.

Read our full policy and criteria for selling housing land

How to apply

If you think that the area of land you wish to purchase meets the eligibility criteria, you can apply using the online form linked to below.

Your application will need to include:

  1. Confirmation that the council owns the land. To do this, you can search the land registry.
  2. Confirmation that the area of land is less than 50 square metres (you can estimate this)
  3. A map or photo of the site
  4. The purpose for which you intend to use the land
  5. Justification that the application meets the eligibility criteria
  6. Proof of your identity, such as a passport or driving licence

You can sign up for a website account and this will allow you to save your application and complete it at a later date.

Complete the online form

How much will it cost?

We charge £550+VAT to cover the cost of investigation, consultation and work with other departments relating to the sale of the land.

You'll only need to pay this if the application meets the eligibility criteria and the sale of the land is supported. This can't be refunded if the sale isn't completed.

Each piece of land is valued separately - there isn't a set price. If the sale is confirmed, you'll need to pay the agreed price for the land and all costs, such as solicitor's charges, connected with the sale.

What happens after you've applied?

We'll write to you within five working days of receiving the application to tell you the name and telephone number of the development officer dealing with your application.

There are a number of steps that we need take to complete the sale, and the full process is likely to take at least six months.

The Council is not obliged to sell its land and its decision is final.