Christmas and New Year collection dates

The Christmas and New Year period is a busy time of year that we all want to enjoy with family and friends, which is the same for our staff too.

We will run a reduced service over the festive period and it will take longer for our staff to clear the extra waste that is produced. We will prioritise collecting your blue and black top bins, so you may find that your green top bin is emptied later than expected.

Black top bins are collected once every two weeks. Find your bin collection day.

Here are the collection dates over Christmas and New Year. 

Usual collection day New collection day
Monday 25 December Wednesday 27 December
Tuesday 26 December Thursday 28 December
Wednesday 27 December Friday 29 December
Thursday 28 December Saturday 30 December
Friday 29 December Sunday 31 December
Monday 1 January Tuesday 2 January
Tuesday 2 January Wednesday 3 January
Wednesday 3 January Thursday 4 January
Thursday 4 January Friday 5 January
Friday 5 January Saturday 6 January

From Monday 8 January, we will aim to collect your bins on your normal collection day but please bear with us if there are any delays.

We will collect real Christmas trees as part of your usual food and garden waste collection in that week. Remove any decorations and leave the tree beside your green top wheelie bin. You can take artificial Christmas trees to the Reuse and Recycling Centre or book a bulky collection.

Clinical waste collections

There will be no clinical collections on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year's Day. We will catch up on these collections throughout the week.