Residents and groups campaigning on issues in their local area often use petitions as a way of raising awareness of their campaign amongst residents and visitors. They also use them to show the strength of feeling on a particular issue in the local area.

Please note - If you're petitioning the Royal Borough of Greenwich, please consider whether the council is able to act in relation to your issue. While the council may be able to express a view on the issue, your petition will have the greatest effect if you petition the organisation responsible for resolving the issue.

For example, a petition relating to bus services would be most effective if it were presented to Transport for London as Transport for London is the decision maker for bus service provision.

How your petition will be considered

Planning and licensing

If your petition relates to a specific planning or licensing application, we'll treat it as one submission (either an objection or a letter of support depending on if the petition is in favour or against the issue). This will happen regardless of the number of people who sign the petition.

Please note - Identical (generic) letters may be treated as one submission at the discretion of the Royal Borough of Greenwich.

Find out more about commenting on a planning application

For petitions relating to licensing, the petition must relate to at least one of the licensing objectives set by the government.

Find out more about objecting to a licence application

All other issues

For all other issues, the most effective way to submit your petition is to contact your local Councillor and ask them to present the petition to the next meeting of Full Council.

Find out how to submit a petition at Full Council meetings