Since 24 July 2023, we base all parking charges and some parking permit prices in Royal Greenwich on your vehicle’s carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. 

We also base resident permit prices on your vehicle’s fuel type.

What’s changed

  • Pay and display, parking meter and pay by phone parking prices, for example when you pay to park in a car park or on a street 
  • Resident permits and business permits bought or renewed on or after 24 July 2023

Check pay by phone and pay and display parking prices

Check resident parking permit prices for your vehicle

Check business parking permit prices for your vehicle

Other parking permits, like car park permits, nanny permits and visitor vouchers, are the same price for all vehicles. 

Where it's changed

Parking charges have changed across the whole borough.

Resident and business permit prices have changed across most of our controlled parking zones (CPZs). Check if you're in a controlled parking zone

Permit prices in Abbey Wood, Blackheath Standard, Charlton, Eltham North and Westcombe Park will change at a later date. This is because these CPZs are going through a review process. 

Why we've done this

We made this change to reduce carbon emissions and improve air quality in the borough. 

In 2019, transport was responsible for 31% of the borough's total CO2 emissions. 95% of these emissions came from vehicles like cars, vans, and trucks.

Our aim is to encourage people to use greener types of transport. This includes low emission vehicles, public transport, walking, cycling and scooting.

To support this, we're adding more:

Help to switch to a lower emission vehicle

The ULEZ scrappage scheme can help some people switch to lower emission vehicles.

To apply, you must be:

  • on certain low income or disability benefits
  • an eligible micro business
  • a sole trader

Find out more about the ULEZ scrappage scheme