Internet service standards

Traffic statistics

We gather statistics on website visits, for example number of pages viewed and length of visits, to understand how the site is being used. This helps us to improve the information and services we offer to you online.

In the table below you can see statistics for the previous year, with two measures being shown:

  • a page view is recorded each time a particular webpage is loaded from any machine by any user
  • 'unique users' refers to the number of people on distinctly identifiable machines (computers) who visited the website during a month. As far as possible, repeat visits by the same machine are not counted.

Indexing agents such as search engine indexers are excluded from counts of page views and unique users.

Monthly traffic statistics for the previous year
Year Month Page Views Unique Users
2017 Nov 944,282 204,984
Oct 1,024,734 217,536
Sep 1,013,276 204,235
Aug 954,812 203,160
Jul 955,077 203,919
Jun 999,149 214,033
May 1,009,985 214,240
Apr 1,305,112 314,495
Mar 1,095,381 227,493
Feb 889,478 270,371
Jan 1,013,919 208,413
2016 Dec 796,988 179,071
Nov 970,148 206,132