Pest control services

Pest treatment rates

Standard charges for pest control treatment are listed below. The services are free of charge if you live in council-owned property.

Standard domestic rates

These rates apply to non-rented residential properties in Royal Greenwich

Domestic pest control rates (including VAT) - 1 Apr 2015 to 31 Mar 2016
Pest type Treatment rate Additional charges
Cockroaches £57.22 per treatment (or £45.90 with GreenwichCard) Not applicable 
Fleas  £67.63 per three-bed house (or £51.51 with GreenwichCard)  £9.79 per additional room
Mice £22.95 for three visits valid for three months and includes treatment (or £19.79 with GreenwichCard) Not applicable 
Wasps £52.53 per nest (or £47.02 with GreenwichCard) £17.95 per additional nest (£14.08 with GreenwichCard)

Standard commercial rates 

These rates apply to commercial properties as well as landlords of tenants in privately rented accommodation and people who live in property owned or managed by housing associations.

The charges below are for 1 April 2015 to 31 March 2016 and are inclusive of VAT. 

Rodent treatment 

Rodent infestations will require a minimum of three separate inspections/treatments, which will take approximately 30 minutes per appointment.

A combined charge is payable on the date of the first appointment/treatment, as follows:

  • mice - £134.04
  • mats - £137.70.

Subsequent treatments and supplies are charged at the following rates: 

  • £84.82 per hour
  • £43.33 per half hour
  • Bait (mice) £1.35
  • Bait (rats) £2.57.

Insect treatment (including bed bugs)

  • £109.67 per hour
  • £54.84 per half hour
  • Materials £39.51.


  • Initial nest £59.67
  • Additional nest £20.44.

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