Arrange a burial

Anyone can buy a grave in Royal Greenwich but prices are considerably higher for non-residents.

The Royal Borough of Greenwich has five cemeteries and one crematorium.

Find a cemetery or crematorium in Royal Greenwich

If you want to arrange a cremation, you need to contact Eltham crematorium.

You need to register a death before you arrange a burial.

Arrange an urgent burial

If you want to arrange an urgent burial (for instance within 24 hours of death) for religious reasons, you'll need to contact a registrar to get a burial order without registration. Call the registrar on 020 8921 5015 (Monday to Friday) or on 020 8854 8888 (Saturday/Sunday between 9am and 12pm).

Arrange a burial

To arrange a burial, you need to be the grave owner (the person named on the deed as the owner of exclusive right of burial) or applicant and do both of the following:

  • buy a grave plot - if you don't already have one
  • select the type of burial you want

If the grave owner has passed away, the 'applicant' must sign on their behalf.

The cost of the burial depends on the type of burial. The fee is higher if you're a non-resident.

View a list of burial types and costs

The burial costs don't include use of the chapel.

Contact cemetery services for more details on how to arrange a burial.

Buy a grave plot

You can't buy a grave itself, but instead the right to use it for 50 years. You can renew your ownership in multiples of ten years up to 50 years.

The cost of a grave plot depends on various factors, for example the type of plot and the depth of the grave.

View a list of prices for grave plots

Contact cemetery services to buy a grave plot.

Transfer a grave plot

If the grave owner has died, you must transfer the ownership of the grave to a living owner before you arrange any further burials in the grave.

You also need to transfer ownership to a living owner to erect a new memorial or carry out any additional works on the grave.

It costs £82 to transfer ownership.

Contact cemetery services to arrange a grave plot transfer.

Remove or replace a memorial

You'll need to pay a fee if you want to remove and replace a memorial, for example to allow an extra burial in the grave plot.

View a list of prices to remove and replace memorials