Colour burst into every corner of the borough in September with the Royal Greenwich Residents’ Rainbow.

Eight locations were transformed by technicolored light installations, community arts pieces and ribbons sharing residents’ heartfelt thanks and well wishes for the future of our communities hung on wishing trees.

Businesses and community groups also took part by decorating their shop windows or creating art pieces for display. 

The month-long celebrations culminated in a spectacular laser light display on Saturday 26 September. The sky was lit with eight lasers beaming towards each of the wishing trees, starting with a single colour for each beam before dancing through all the colours of the rainbow.  

Find your wishing tree 

Wishing trees displaying the colourful ribbons and residents' wishes will be available to see until mid-October. 

Area Wishing tree location
Abbey Wood McLeod Road, SE2 0BS
Blackheath Old Dover Road, SE3 7BT 
Charlton Charlton House, SE7 8RE 
Eltham  Passey Place, SE9 5DQ  
Greenwich  Cutty Sark Gardens, SE10 9HT
Plumstead  St Nicholas Gardens, SE18 1HH 
Thamesmead  Clocktower, Joyce Dawson Way, SE28 8RA 
Woolwich General Gordon Square, SE18 6FH 

The Residents’ Rainbow was part of the Royal Greenwich – It's Time! festival.