Published: Tuesday, 12th March 2024

We have launched a public consultation to gather views on the implementation of a new Assistive Technology Enabled Care service.

This service would look to use various technology and digital devices to help support residents with health and social care needs, and would be offered alongside existing health and social care services. 

Assistive Technology Enabled Care (ATEC) is a term we use for technology that helps to deliver care. These technologies can help residents live a happier and more independent life and can be used in a variety of settings. 

The aim of this new service is to increase independence by allowing those with health or social care needs to remain at home for longer, and encourage safe access to the community. 

We want your views on this new service, including how we can reduce barriers to accessing it. 

When technology is embedded into care and support services it can help people live happy, fulfilled lives in their homes and communities. This is recognised in The Department of Health and Social Care's white paper, People at the Heart of Care.

We're doing this work with Rethink Partners, a consultancy that works with councils and other public sector organisations to create more intuitive, personalised and empowering services. 

Rethink Partners have spoken to over 200 residents, social care and health staff and leaders. This has helped them to: 

  • understand the ambitions residents, social care teams and health professionals have about digital technology
  • understand existing care technology 
  • find opportunities to create positive change personalised to people’s care and support needs

These conversations led to the creation of our Discovery Report.  

We have also worked with volunteers from across Royal Greenwich as part of our Resident Design Group, which has helped ensure the new service meets the needs of residents and those being supported through health and social care.

This initiative meets several of the missions set out in the ‘Our Greenwich’ corporate plan, including people’s health supporting them to live their best life, designing our services around the needs of our residents, and developing networks with communities, key partners and businesses to meet need and address challenges together.

Click here to have your say on embedding Assistive Technology Enabled Care into our care and support services.

We will also be holding the following consultation events:

  • Woolwich Drop-In - Woolwich Library on 19th March between 2-4pm
  • Eltham Drop-In - Eltham Library on 21st March from 1-3pm

The consultation is open until Friday 12 April 2024.