Before and after of the Greenwich Community Directory

Published: Monday, 11th March 2024

The Royal Borough of Greenwich is making it easier to find and access support for adults and older people.

As outlined in Our Greenwich, our vision for the future, everyone who needs support should have equal access to it.

The relaunch of the Greenwich Community Directory is a year-long project that wouldn’t have been possible without the collaboration of residents and local voluntary organisations.  

The website hosts a range of information beyond support for adults and older people, including support for young people and people with special educational needs. The first phase of the project has been completed, with a new page for adults and older people, with a review currently being completed for the Children’s Services pages ready for the end of the year. 

Denise Scott-McDonald, Cabinet Member for Health and Adults’ Services said: “We're looking for ways to make life easier for residents who already face challenges, empower them to live their best lives and show them all the support our wonderful borough has on offer.   

“It’s important for us to invest in improving how people access information so that everyone can live to their full potential.” 

People giving feedback on Greenwich Community Directory.

The Council has used government funding to build this trailblazing new community website that can be effortlessly copied and adopted by digital teams across the country, saving time, resources and setting the standard for councils all over the UK. 

Check out the Greenwich Community Directory for yourself at All information is still available via the Live Well line on 0800 470 4831.