Inclusive Economy Strategy Consultation with photos of people running their business
Inclusive Economy Strategy consultation

Published: Tuesday, 9th January 2024

We have launched a public consultation on our draft inclusive economy strategy for the borough.

The strategy sets out the council’s vision for a fairer, stronger and more sustainable local economy, and the approach it will take over the next 10 years to fulfil this goal. It will guide how the local economy will grow, while ensuring that all our communities can benefit from growth and investment in the borough. 

We’re now asking residents and businesses to tell us what they think about the proposed priorities and actions included in the draft document by completing a short online survey by Monday 5 February 2024.  

The new strategy forms part of a wider movement, focused not just on growth itself, but on how people and places can benefit from that growth. There is a growing recognition that existing models of economic development which focus solely on economic growth have not worked and have allowed inequality to increase. An inclusive economic strategy addresses these issues by looking at the shape and distribution of economic growth, ensuring that it benefits everyone in all our communities. 

Our strategy aims to provide a framework to address challenges facing the borough, including helping us to tackle inequality and to meet our environmental commitments. It also acknowledges that the council cannot affect these changes alone. It identifies the ways the Council can use its levers and resources and work closely with partners to address these challenges and support a more inclusive economy.  

Responses from the survey and from a series of in-person focus groups with representatives from key sectors and stakeholders will inform the final document, which will be made available in 2024.  

Cllr Mariam Lolavar, Cabinet Member for Inclusive Economy, Business and Skills, said:

We're committed to creating an economy where investment and growth works for all our residents and businesses, and where no one is left behind.  

“The strategy will help us to usher in a wealth of social and economic benefits and will help us to redouble our efforts to ensure that all our residents, local businesses, social enterprises, co-operative and community organisations can contribute and benefit from the opportunities that come from a successful economy.  

“Residents and local businesses are at the heart of the new strategy, which is why we’re keen to hear everyone’s views on how we can collectively build an inclusive, resilient and thriving economy.  We encourage everyone who lives, works, runs a business or studies in Royal Greenwich to take part”

The draft strategy is framed across three themes, which are:   

  1. People  

  1. Place  

  1. Prosperity  

Within each theme are key actions and priorities such as jobs, education and training, tackling climate change, improving town centres, delivering affordable workspace and housing that people can afford, enabling transport and infrastructure and much more.   

The strategy builds on the work we have started as part of our corporate plan, Our Greenwich which identifies our vision to 2030, and the steps we need to take to get us there. 

Reflecting the Royal Borough of Greenwich’s co-operative values, it also identifies the many ways the council leads the work with businesses, partners and residents to deliver positive change and secure opportunities for all.  

Complete the survey by Monday 5 February 2024.  

You can also give us your comments  

  • By letter to:  
    Directorate of Regeneration, Enterprise & Skills,  
    Business, Employment and Skills  
    5th Floor, Woolwich Town Centre, Wellington Street 
    London SE18 6PW 
    Royal Borough of Greenwich 

  • By email to: