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Published: Tuesday, 17th October 2023

Residents across the borough have been doing their bit to help Royal Greenwich become zero-waste.

Since launching our Towards Zero Waste campaign in November 2022, we’ve seen 70% of our residents recycling more, changing how they get rid of their rubbish. 

We have also seen less contamination in our blue recycling bins, with a drop from 24.8% of contaminated recycling collected before our scheme to 13.6% between December 2022 and August 2023. 

By working collaboratively with residents, we’re increasing recycling and making a positive impact on the environment. When blue or green top bins are contaminated, good quality recycling is spoiled which means it must be burned and everyone’s efforts to recycle go to waste. 

Cllr Averil Lekau, Deputy Leader, also Cabinet Member for Climate Change, Environment and Transport said: “We’re proud to see positive changes in our recycling and contamination figures as we move towards becoming a zero waste borough. 

“By making fewer collections, we’re cutting vehicle emissions by 60 tonnes of CO2 each year. And by recycling more and incinerating less waste, we’re being kinder to the planet. 

“I want to thank our residents for doing their bit and our Waste Advisors who are supporting residents across the borough.” 

Since the Council stopped collecting waste which doesn’t fit in residents’ bins, only 2% of households in the borough have put side waste out next to their bins. Just 0.06% of households have done this more than twice following advice and guidance from our teams.  

Want to know more about the changes and why we’re making them? Visit royalgreenwich.gov.uk/towardszerowaste