Published: Monday, 6th February 2023

This National Apprenticeship Week (6 to 12 February), we are encouraging businesses in Royal Greenwich to take advantage of the Greenwich Access to Apprenticeships Fund.

The fund can be used to cover 100% of the training and assessment costs of an apprenticeship, through one of the new apprenticeship standards.  

There are over 800 nationally recognised apprenticeship standards available to new apprentices or existing staff, from Level 2 to Level 7, which is equivalent to a master's degree. See a full list of available apprenticeship standards.  

The Greenwich Access to Apprenticeships fund allows the Council to transfer up to 25% of their annual levy funds to small businesses, third-sector organisations, charities, social enterprises, and apprenticeship training agencies.  

The fund covers the cost of training and assessments for apprentices, but apprenticeship wages are not covered by the levy - this is something businesses need to cover like with any other employee.   

The Council’s Employment and Skills team, Greenwich Local Labour and Business (GLLaB),  can support businesses with information on the fund, eligibility, identifying candidates and hiring an apprentice. Get in touch with GLLaB to find out more:  


  • 0208 921 2440.  

Cllr Mariam Lolavar, Cabinet Member for Inclusive Economy, Business and Skills, said: 

“I think it’s important to raise the profile of apprenticeships, and National Apprenticeship Week offers a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the amazing benefits they offer both learners and employers. An apprenticeship can be life-changing for the person on the scheme. At the same time, apprentices can make huge contributions to organisations big and small, offering an effective route to supporting excellent employees.

“Plus, businesses in Royal Greenwich can benefit from the Greenwich Access to Apprenticeship Fund to pay for the cost of training and assessments for an apprentice. We have had a very positive response from local employers to the scheme, particularly from sectors that suffer from skills shortages. It’s marvellous to see more organisations in Royal Greenwich supporting their team through apprenticeships.”

Elijah Omoniyi, Director, Famous Recruitment, one of the employers who accessed the scheme, said: 

“The Greenwich Access to Apprenticeships Fund is truly fantastic. Apprenticeships help to develop people in the community to increase their skills, ability, and confidence. I found many young people had lost confidence in office work, as they were not sure if they would be accepted. From our agency’s experience of training people through apprenticeships, we were able to provide the encouragement they needed to know that yes - they can thrive in the office environment. The experience helped build up their confidence to work across different offices.”