Cllr Okereke gives a speech at London at Night Conference
Cllr Okereke gives the keynote speech at London at Night Conference

Published: Friday, 20th January 2023

On Thursday 19 January, the event brought together leaders and decision-makers from across the city to Woolwich to answer the question: how do we create a fair, diverse and sustainable 24-hour city? 

The event, held at award-winning cultural venue Woolwich Works, was organised by London’s Night Czar Amy Lamé, and supported by the Royal Borough of Greenwich.  

From the moment they entered Woolwich Works, attendees enthusiastically engaged on key issues facing London’s night-time economy, with Amy Lamé calling for urgent government support for the capital’s high streets after 6pm.  

Cllr Anthony Okereke, Leader of the Royal Borough of Greenwich, used his keynote speech to stress the vital role the night-time economy plays locally, providing ‘new opportunities for our businesses and creating good, sustainable jobs for residents and other Londoners, especially as we find ourselves in a cost-of-living crisis that sees businesses struggling to keep afloat’.  

This event comes at a pivotal time in the development of the night-time economy in Royal Greenwich, as we prepare to launch our Night-Time Strategy for Greenwich town centre and having recently announced Woolwich as one of the Mayor of London’s new Night-Time Enterprise Zones. 

With powerful and thought-provoking discussions from speakers, the key takeaways were about the importance of partnership and listening to the voice of communities who use our city at night to ensure it works for them. 

The conference also highlighted structural inequalities that exist at night. Tackling these issues is at the heart of our work, from our Night-Time Strategy to our plan for the Night-Time Enterprise Zone in Woolwich.  

Cllr Okereke said: “The first London at Night Conference was a remarkable success. It was brilliant to welcome so many change and policy makers, who have the ability to take action in supporting a fair, safe and inclusive 24-hour city, to Woolwich. One of our missions is supporting a thriving night-time economy to ensure our high streets and town centres are vibrant and prosperous, for the benefit of our residents, businesses, and visitors. This forms a key pillar of Our Greenwich, the blueprint which will guide the Council’s vision and priorities for the next four years.  

“With the support of the Mayor of London, we look forward to delivering ‘Woolwich Lates’, an exciting series of events and activities in the town centre to boost Woolwich’s night-time economy, creating opportunities for local businesses and encouraging more residents and visitors to spend time in the area after 6pm. Broadening the appeal of our town centre at night and creating spaces for a diverse audience, where families and other groups feel welcome, is essential to this. We are incredibly grateful for the Mayor of London’s and Night Czar’s Amy Lame’s ongoing support of our vision.” 

In November, Woolwich also played host to the official launch of the Mayor of London’s three new Night Time Enterprise Zones – Woolwich, Vauxhall and Bromley.  

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