Cllr Anthony Okereke speaking at cost of living summit

Published: Wednesday, 2nd November 2022

More than £3million will be invested across 12 pledges to support residents and businesses with the rising the cost of living, as agreed by Cabinet on Wednesday 2 November.

Approved proposals include targeted cash payments for the most vulnerable people in our borough - children on free school meals, care leavers and those excluded from the benefits system. 

Some of the ways in which the Council will be acting is by allocating £150,000 to supporting food clubs, groups and foodbanks, £300,000 to help renters from being made homeless, and £50,000 to create warm spaces in community buildings across the borough among others.  

Leader of the Council Cllr Anthony Okereke, said:  

“Through Greenwich Supports, the Council’s cost of living campaign, more than 1,600 people have shared their concerns about the increasing prices of everyday things. Of those who responded 88 per cent are worried about what the crisis means for them and 27 per cent are already making significant changes to cope.  

“Rising costs of fuel, food and essentials, are fanning the flames of existing disadvantages and vulnerability within our communities. Households already at greater risk are finding it even harder to manage therefore we are directing funding to where it's needed most is the only option we have.” 

Cllr Ivis Williams, Cabinet Member for Finance, Resources and Social Value, said: 

“Inflation is at a 40-year high, wages are worth less, the War on Ukraine has affected food costs, energy costs are rising dramatically, and private rents are at record highs. All these factors are pushing our residents to the brink, and we have no option but to step in and do the right thing.  

“We have heard first hand from residents through our survey and in person, as well as from local charities, community groups and housing associations at our Cost of Living Summit held on Wednesday 12 October. Now more than ever we need to take action to support our residents and businesses through the cost of living crisis before it causes irreparable damage to our vulnerable residents.” 

Actions the Council will be taking to tackle the cost of living crisis and support residents 

  1. £100 for every child eligible for free school meals - estimated to help 12,000 children 

  2. £250 payment for care leavers to help with winter food and other costs  

  3. £150,000 towards supporting food banks and food club initiatives   

  4. £150,000 towards Council’s annual Stay Warm, Stay Safe initiative supporting vulnerable residents with energy costs    

  5. £150,000 grant scheme for local community groups who support our residents    

  6. £300,000 funding for our Emergency Support Scheme, to provide financial support during unexpected hardship 

  7. Launching our consultation to save an average of £110 to help low-income working residents through our Council Tax Support scheme by adjusting the eligibility to support more people 

  8. Giving up to £50 extra towards school clothing payments for families with children on free school meals, and up to £25 for winter clothing payments     

  9. £50,000 fund to support the creation of warm and welcoming places around borough   

  10. £300,000 of additional funding for Discretionary Housing Payments, to help renters from the threat of being made homeless through short term payments if they are struggling to pay their rent

  11. Launching a Community Supports initiative where residents can donate goods, money or volunteer their time  

  12. Launching a Business Support Grant focused on helping make local businesses become Real Living Wage Accredited employers. 

You can look at videos from our Cost of Living Summit on Youtube

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