The Eltham Centre’s, something old and something new

Wednesday 27 March 2024

One of London’s most unique attributes is its ability to bring the old and new together and the Eltham Centre is no exception with the recent installation of historic stained-glass windows from 1939.

A number of stained-glass panels originally installed in Eltham Pools Public Swimming Baths from 1939 were rescued from the building when it was demolished in 2011. 

These have been carefully restored, illuminated and are now displayed in the entrance of The Eltham Centre.

The original Eltham Pools sign from the front of that building is also located in the entrance area of the centre with a plaque stating;  

“This is the sign from outside the Eltham Hill Public Swimming Baths, which were open from 1939 to 2007, until being replaced by the new pools here at the Eltham Centre. Installed here as a fitting reminder of where many locals learnt to swim.”

It is fitting to bring the two elements together by displaying the historic stained-glass windows and this installation holds a special place in Eltham’s history to commemorate the memory of the Eltham Pools site. 

The Eltham Centre replaced the original baths and extended the services to include disabled access, sauna, steam room and gym/fitness facilities combined on site with a link to Eltham library.  The centre continues to be a lively community space open to all residents of Royal Greenwich.