Launch of new five-year Health and Wellbeing Strategy

Monday 9 October 2023

Healthier Greenwich Partnership has launched a new five-year Health and Wellbeing Strategy for years 2023 to 2028.

Healthier Greenwich Partnership is a collective of organisations in the Royal Borough of Greenwich working together to support the health, care and wellbeing needs of local residents. It includes partners from the NHS, council, social care, and the community and voluntary sector. The strategy describes how partners will work together with the people who live, work or study in Royal Greenwich to create a happier, healthier place to be. 

The Health and Wellbeing Strategy sets-out the mental and physical health and wellbeing priorities for the next five years.

These priorities are built on our understandings of the things that matter most to our residents. Through various engagement processes, we have heard from residents about the things that support and enable them to live their best lives from childhood to older age.

We've built this strategy around five key aims: start well, be well, feel well, stay well and age well.

Supporting Greenwich residents to start well  

  • We aim to support children and young people to get the best start in life and reach their full potential.

Supporting Greenwich residents to be well  

  • We will encourage everyone to be more active.   

  • We will make sure that everyone can access nutritious food.

Supporting Greenwich residents to feel well   

  • We aim for fewer people to experience poor health as a result of addiction or dependence.  

  • We aim that fewer adults are affected by poor mental health.  

  • We aim that fewer children and young people are affected by poor mental health.

Supporting Greenwich residents to stay well  

  • We will make sure that everyone can access the services they need on an equal footing.  

  • There will be effective integrated community teams based in neighborhoods, which will provide the right support when and where it is needed.  

  • We aim to reduce unfair and avoidable differences in health and wellbeing.

Supporting Greenwich residents to age well    

  • We will work with health and care services to support people and their carers to live fulfilling and independent lives.

Councillor Denise Scott-McDonald, Cabinet Member for Health and Adult Services said:  

“A priority for us in Royal Greenwich is to tackle health inequalities for certain under-represented groups, the new Health and Wellbeing Strategy sets out the framework on how we will work to achieve this.

This new strategy will help our borough become a happier and healthier place to be. We know that the current cost of living crisis has affected many people’s ability to exercise and eat well, so our strategy provides opportunities for people to be active in their everyday lives and enjoy access to affordable healthy food.”

Neil Kennett-Brown, Chief Operating Officer NHS South East London ICB (Greenwich) said: 

“Partnership working is the critical aspect of this strategy. Working together across our organisations, and with residents, will enable us to make more of a positive impact on people’s lives in the borough.”       

You can read our full delivery plan and how the strategy has been developed here.