Cycle parking

We successfully bid for funding from Transport for London to provide more cycle parking this year, and will be providing our own funding to support an accelerated roll out of cycle parking. We will spend the funding on installing more secure cycle hangars for residents on our streets.

Access to cycle parking has been identified as one of the main barriers to getting more people cycling regularly. Increasing cycle parking is supported by our Transport Strategy (PDF) and Active Travel Action Plan (PowerPoint), and is just one of the things we are doing in response to the climate emergency.

Request cycle parking

Anyone who lives, works or studies in the borough can request publicly available cycle stands and residents of the borough can request secure cycle hangars.

Request cycle parking or a hangar


We have a number of hangars around the borough which offer secure parking for bicycles.

Find out about the Bikehangar programme, how we decide where to put the hangars and how we decide who gets a space in one.

Cycle parking locations

Take a look at the map to see where cycle hangars are located. We will update the map with proposed installations as and when locations are decided.

Cycle hangars on housing estates

If you are a council tenant or leaseholder find out about bike storage on council estates.

Request a space in an existing hangar on an estate