Free school meals and other grants

If you receive certain benefits and you have a child in primary or secondary school you may be able to receive free school meals, school clothing grants or school journeys grants.

The Pupil Benefits Team will work out what support you can receive.

Please ensure you add every child that is in your family unit and not just the child you are registering.

Please note: No support is provided by the council for any child who attends an Academy. Academies are state maintained but independently-run schools in England. They are not under local authority control.

How to apply

Download the pupil benefits registration form

Send your completed form to:

Pupil Benefits
The Woolwich Centre
35 Wellington Street
London SE18 6HQ

Which grants you can claim

This table gives you general guidance on which grants you can claim depending on which benefits you receive.

If you are unsure which grant you can claim, submit a registration form and the Pupil Benefits Team will work it out for you.

The school grants you could get depending on which benefits you receive
Benefit you receive School grant you can register for
Income Support Free school meals, clothing grant, journeys grant
Income-based Jobseeker's Allowance Free school meals, clothing grant, journeys grant
Income-related Employment and Support Allowance Free school meals, clothing grant, journeys grant
Support under Part 6 of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999 Free school meals, clothing grant, journeys grant
Pension Credit Guarantee Free school meals, clothing grant, journeys grant
Universal Credit with an annual net income of no more than £7,400 Free school meals, clothing grant, journeys grant
Child Tax Credit at a rate higher than the basic family element Clothing grant, journeys grant. Free school meal if your annual gross income not more than £16,190 and you're not eligible for Working Tax Credit
Working Tax Credit Clothing grant, journeys grant

What support you can receive

Free school meals

Registering for free school meals gets your school extra money from the government.

All children get free school meals if they are in reception, year 1 or year 2. If you receive any of the benefits above you should still register so that the school gets extra funding.

This money could go towards things like extra tuition, learning assistants and after-school activities.

School clothing grants

There are four grants available that are paid when children reach certain ages. These are:

  • reception - £40
  • year three - £40
  • year seven - £100
  • year nine - £70.

School journeys grants

The Royal Borough of Greenwich offers financial help for the board and lodging costs of school outings to the following centres:

  • Townsend Centre, Swanage, Dorset
  • Margaret McMillan Centre, Wrotham, Kent
  • Bryn Coedwig Centre, Wales
  • Ty'n y Berth Mountain Centre, Wales
  • Hope Memorial Centre, Braithwaite
  • Bryntysilio, Wales. 

Tell us if your circumstances change

You must inform the Pupil Benefits Team immediately if you:

  • change address
  • stop receiving any of the qualifying support payments or benefits
  • change any other circumstance that might affect your entitlement.

It is a criminal offence to knowingly make an untrue statement or other false representation to obtain a grant, contribution or other financial benefit from the Royal Borough.