Secondary school and post 16 performance tables

Secondary school performance tables are published annually by the Department for Education to provide information on the achievements of pupils in secondary schools at the age of 16.

Secondary performance tables

The post 16 performance tables provide data and information about the achievements of students aged 16 to 18 and their destinations from school or college.

Post 16 performance tables

They also include links to Ofsted reports and allow you to make a comparison with other schools in the area, similar schools and schools across England as a whole.

What can I find out from the performance tables?

The secondary school performance tables provide data and information about:

  • pupils' GCSE (and equivalent) results
  • the proportion of pupils making expected progress in English and mathematics
  • value added scores comparing the progress made by pupils in the school with all pupils nationally
  • information about teaching staff and other members of the school workforce
  • schools' income and expenditure

The post 16 tables provide data and information about:

  • AS and A-level (and equivalent) results for students in school sixth forms and colleges in England
  • the destinations of students, for example further or higher education, apprenticeships and so on

Further information on secondary performance tables

Further information on post 16 performance tables

Secondary school Ofsted reports

You can use the performance tables to help make an informed decision about which secondary school(s) you would like to apply for.

The tables include the current Ofsted grade for schools as well as the date of their last inspection and a link to the report.

Find further information about schools, including historical inspection reports and the Ofsted data dashboard (Ofsted website)