Royal Borough of Greenwich Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education

Religious Education (RE) is the only area of the curriculum that is determined by the Local Authority. Responsibility for it in the Royal Borough of Greenwich rests with Royal Greenwich's Standing Advisory Council for Religious Education (SACRE).

The Agreed Syllabus is a statutory document which outlines what young people should be taught in Religious Education in Royal Borough of Greenwich schools from Early Years Foundation Stage to the end of sixth forms.

The Agreed Syllabus 2019- 2024 is the result of work by members of local faith communities, teachers in Royal Borough of Greenwich schools and elected members of Royal Greenwich. 

Download the 2019- 2024 Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education

The purpose of Religious Education

Religious Education gives pupils opportunities to learn about and learn from the world's major religions.

It aims to develop pupils' understanding of:

  • beliefs, teachings and sources
  • practices and ways of life
  • forms of expression.

It also encourages pupils' personal responses and reflection on:

  • identity and belonging
  • purpose, meaning and truth
  • values and commitments.

Withdrawing your child from Religious Education

Parents/Carers have the right to withdraw their child from RE in school. Parents/Carers wishing to discuss withdrawing their child from RE should contact their child's school directly and arrange to meet with the headteacher.