Types of nurseries

The following types of nurseries are available in Royal Greenwich:

  • nursery schools and council-funded nurseries
  • private and independent nurseries
  • children's centres
  • playgroups.

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Nursery schools and council-funded nurseries

There are four council-funded nursery schools in Royal Greenwich, which offer part-time and full-time places for children, between two and five years old, from 7.30am to 6pm.

They usually provide daily three hour sessions in term-time for children aged between three and five years. Groups are up to around 25 children.

Private and independent nurseries

Royal Greenwich has many private and independent nurseries. These nurseries often take children younger than three years with some taking children as young as three months.

Most private nurseries are registered with Ofsted and are inspected each year. Private nurseries are usually open all day for most weeks of the year. Part-time places are often available.

Children who go to private nurseries or nursery units in independent schools are usually entitled to free early learning places.

Children's centres

Children's centres are for children aged between one and five years. They are usually open between 8am and 6pm throughout the year.

Outside the core school hours, parents can pay for extra time at the centre for their child. Full or part-time places can be arranged for children under three.

Playgroups or pre-school playgroups

Playgroups or pre-school playgroups are for children aged three to five years, although sometimes younger children can attend. Most groups offer half-day sessions, usually in the morning on weekdays during term time.

Charges range upwards from around £5 per session and most groups have a waiting list. Groups are registered with Ofsted and are inspected each year.

Financial support

You can get free early learning places for some two year olds and all three and four year olds across Royal Greenwich. These can be used at private and independent nurseries, children's centres, pre-school playgroups and some registered childminders.

You may also be able to get help with childcare costs through tax credits or other national or local support.

Contact the Families Information Service for more information.