Services for the deaf and hard of hearing

Health services have a responsibility to meet the requirements of deaf and hard of hearing adults and children who live in Royal Greenwich. For example, interpreting provision and room loops should be available for health appointments.

Royal Greenwich interpreting and translation service (including British Sign Language)

Support for adults who are deaf, hard of hearing or deafblind (sensory enablement service)

Hearing tests and hearing aids

Babies are given simple routine hearing tests by health visitors, who then make referrals to an audiologist where necessary. Parents can request a hearing test for their child through their health visitor or doctor.

Access to hearing tests for adults is through your doctor who will refer you to a consultant, who then will refer you to an audiologist. An audiologist may advise you to use a hearing aid, and will arrange for one to be supplied if you feel that would be helpful.

Hearing aid batteries and repairs are available by post or can be picked up in person from various hospitals or audiology centres.

Please contact us for more information.

Contact the Royal Borough using sign language

You can call the Royal Borough of Greenwich using SignVideo Web Access, an online interpreting service, from home, for free. You will need a webcam.

More about contacting the Royal Borough using SignVideo