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Whether you need residential care is very much dependent on your circumstances, and your assessing officer will be able to provide information more specific to your needs at the time of the assessment.

  • Residential care is a 24-hour supported living facility. You will have access to ongoing care and support to meet your personal and social care needs. The staff will be able to support you with most day to day activities such as washing and dressing. Meals are provided, and social activities and events are regularly carried out for you to take part in if you wish.
  • Nursing care is very similar to residential care in supporting day to day needs. However, nursing care also offers 24-hour nursing support which can only be provided by a qualified nurse or under their supervision. This may include the administration of medication or changing dressings.

Dementia care

We are able to arrange placements in residential and nursing care homes that support individuals suffering from dementia and have complex needs requiring specialist care that is not available in a standard care home.