Taking a break from caring duties

Looking after an elderly, ill, or disabled adult on a full-time basis can be demanding and stressful. People in these caring roles may need a break once in a while.

We may be able to arrange respite care for you, so that you can have a break from your caring role.

What kind of care is available?

There is a range of respite care available. Some carers need regular short breaks of a few hours, while others want overnight breaks. There are:

  • Day care schemes: These provide educational, social and leisure activities
  • Residential care centres: We can usually arrange for tea visits and trial stays beforehand
  • Adult placement schemes: Staying with vetted carers in their own homes locally or in holiday locations away from the borough

We will look at your situation and make an assessment of the kind of help you need.

All carers' adult placement schemes and residential centres are monitored and inspected regularly.

We try to arrange for the person you care for to visit the home and meet the carers before a placement is made.

That way, we can make sure that they are looked after by the most appropriate carers and that your needs are taken into account.

How to access these services

The first thing to do is get in touch with us so we that we can arrange an assessment of your needs.

If you are eligible for help, we will refer you to the right service team who will arrange the care you need.

There may be a small charge for overnight stays, but this will be discussed at your first assessment meeting.