What you can expect from Shared Lives

If you go to live with a carer through the Shared Lives, you will first have the chance to meet your carer and their family and have a look at your new home.

When you move in you will have your own room and it will be clean and comfortable.

Your carer will:

  • treat you as part of their family
  • help you to take part in the community
  • help you to make choices
  • respect your privacy
  • support you to look after your health and money
  • help you to be as independent as possible.

How carers support you

Your carer will support you with matters such as:

  • personal care
  • dealing with money
  • your feelings.

They will also help you with things like:

  • making tea
  • washing your hair
  • going shopping.

Checking on your placement

You will also have your own placement officer who will visit every six to eight weeks to make sure everything is going well. You can talk to them about any worries you might have.

How can I get care?

If you are looking for care for yourself or a family member, you will need to be referred to the scheme by a care management team.

If required, we can put you in touch with the relevant referring team. Contact the Shared Lives team.