Greenwich Telecare Service

Telecare is a service that arranges help for vulnerable people in the case of an emergency in the home.

It uses technology, such as alarms and sensors, to connect you to Greenwich Telecare staff who are able to help you.

The service operates 24 hours a day, every day of the year and the alarm calls are answered by Royal Greenwich staff based in a control centre in the borough.

Who can use Telecare?

Older people, vulnerable people, and people with disabilities can use Telecare to help them continue to live independently.

To find out if you are eligible, contact the Greenwich Telecare team.

The service and how much it costs

The Telecare alarm connects to a pendant you can wear on the wrist or round the neck. If you press the pendant, Greenwich Telecare staff will be alerted and will be able to assist you with a medical or other emergency by contacting your nominated key-holders or the emergency services on your behalf.

This service is £6 per week.

 If you feel that you would not be able to afford the service please contact us to discuss this.  You may be able to claim additional benefits to support you.

There are other products available. For information about these, contact the Greenwich Telecare team.

Greenwich Telecare staff will help you decide which items are right for you.


In the event of an emergency Greenwich Telecare staff will contact your key-holders so that they can quickly come and assist you.

You will need to nominate two neighbours or family members that hold keys to your home and can visit your home in an emergency. These key-holders should be within approximately ten minutes of your home, either on foot or by car.

Key safes

It is recommended that you also have a police-approved key safe, especially if you only have one key-holder.

The key safe attaches to the outside of your home and holds a key to your front door. It can be opened with a pass code and this code will be known to Greenwich Telecare staff. In an emergency the code can be given to the Emergency Services.

Apply for Telecare

To apply, contact the Greenwich Telecare team.

You will need to make sure you have the following information ready:

  • names of two key-holders
  • details of phone provider as some telephone networks need different Telecare alarms
  • information about family contacts

What to expect next

We will make an appointment to come and fit the alarm.

The appointment usually lasts about an hour and at the end you will be invited to test the alarm so you are clear how it works.

If you would like a family member present when the alarm is fitted we are able to offer some evening and weekend appointments.