Assistive Technology Enabled Care is a term we use for technology that helps to deliver care.

These technologies can help residents live a happier and more independent life and can be used in a variety of settings.

When technology is embedded into care and support services it can help people live happy, fulfilled lives in their homes and communities. This is recognised in The Department of Health and Social Care's white paper, People at the Heart of Care. 

About the Assistive Technology Enabled Care (ATEC) project

At the Royal Borough of Greenwich, we are working on a project to embed technology into our care and support services.

We're doing this work with Rethink Partners. A consultancy that works with councils and other public sector organisations to create more intuitive, personalised and empowering services.

Rethink Partners have spoken to over 200 residents, social care and health staff and leaders. This has helped them to:

  • understand the ambitions residents and social care teams have about digital technology
  • understand existing care technology
  • find opportunities to create positive change personalised to people’s care and support needs

These conversations have led to the creation of our Discovery Report

Key findings

  • 75% of local residents who engaged with the project use technology on a daily basis, and would welcome innovations for their health and care if they lead to greater independence
  • There is a strong appetite and curiosity among residents for meaningful and engaging ATEC. "Don't underestimate us" is residents' core message.
  • Peer-to-peer knowledge sharing is the most effective way for learning and interest around ATEC to spread.
  • 'Digital exclusion' mirrors more general exclusion. Around 40% of the residents Rethink Partners spoke to were aged over 55 and more than 50% were women, with a high proportion being carers. Many considered digitally excluded are disconnected from community groups, making it harder for local services to reach them.
  • 'Assistive technology' was a term many residents misunderstood to mean anti-scam measures, an important concern for all. After hearing more about it, people wanted to hear more about the council's plans for ATEC

Next steps

The Discovery Report will inform the next steps towards a new ATEC model for the Royal Borough of Greenwich.

For more information, email Caleb Assirati (Royal Borough of Greenwich) on or Clare Martin (Rethink Partners) on