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Faulty street lamps

We inspect street lights regularly, but sometimes defects can occur between inspections.

How to report a street lighting fault

If the problem is on a public street, road or highway, or in a public park, please use our online form to report the problem.

Please be prepared to tell us the following information:

  • Street name
  • Indicate if the fault is with a lamp post (include asset number), external wall light, illuminated road traffic signpost, illuminated or floppy Keep Left Bollard, Zebra crossing post beacon / floodlight or a centre island beacon post.
  • Provide the exact location of the faulty streetlighting asset e.g. outside 2 Heathwood Gardens, on Charlton Lane opposite Lansdowne Lane, on Greenholme Road side of 15 Bexley Road, Eltham Park South – 4th lamp post from Glenesk Road, etc.

If you are reporting faulty communal lights or external wall lights on blocks of flats, please report this repair to our Cleaning team.

You can report a dangerous streetlighting asset out of hours by ringing the Council’s Switchboard on 020 8854 8888.

Report a street lighting fault

What happens next?

 Once we receive your report, we will raise a repair job and the lamp post will be repaired within 3 working days.  However, if the problem is related to an underground cable fault, repairs will take longer.

RED ROUTE Streetlights

If a streetlighting asset is on a RED ROUTE (double or single red lines on road) e.g. John Wilson Street, Academy Road, Westhorne Avenue, etc., you will need to report this fault to Transport for London, their email is or you can use their online form