What is a nuisance vehicle?

Nuisance vehicles can be either vehicles for sale on the road or vehicles being repaired on the road, as part of someone's business.

Vehicles for sale

People who run a business selling and/or repairing motor vehicles and use the road as a showroom are committing an offence.

They can be reported as nuisance vehicles when:

  • there are two or more vehicles being offered for sale
  • and the vehicles are within 500 metres of each other.

It does not apply to individuals selling their private car.

We recognise that a private individual may have more than one vehicle to sell and may park them close together in the street; however, we anticipate that:

  • this will be rare
  • ownership of the two (or more) vehicles can be easily established
  • it can be ascertained by local enquiries whether the owner does this on a regular basis.

A person will not be convicted if he can prove he was not acting for the purposes of a business.

Repairing vehicles

Repairing vehicles in the street as part of running of a vehicle repair business is an offence; however, if a private individual repairs their own vehicle in the street and it causes a nuisance to people who live nearby, it can still be an offence and reported.

The law is not aimed at roadside repair organisations or mechanics repairing broken down vehicles at the roadside as long as the work on the vehicle is completed within 72 hours.

We are unable to take action against nuisance vehicles such as:

  • poorly-parked vehicles
  • vehicles causing obstruction
  • residential or neighbour parking disputes
  • vehicle breakdown