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Reducing traffic in East Greenwich

A low traffic neighbourhood (LTN) has been introduced in the East Greenwich Peninsula following an 18 month trial.

The scheme has been introduced to:

  • reduce non-local traffic using narrow residential streets instead of main roads 
  • create quieter, safer streets for residents, to enable more walking and cycling 
  • support public health by creating an environment where people can be more active, improving local air quality, and reducing noise pollution 

Traffic is managed by the use of planters and bollards, known as modal filters, which allow access for pedestrians and cyclists but not vehicles. The scheme includes modal filters at the junctions of:

  • Pelton Road and Christchurch Way
  • Vanbrugh Hill and Walnut Tree Road
  • Vanbrugh Hill and Rodmere Street

The black pins on the map show where the modal filters are located.

The project was funded by the Department for Transport’s Active Travel Emergency Fund and developed to complement Transport for London (TfL)’s Cycleway 4 Extension along the A206.

Read the full Decision Report