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Reducing traffic in East Greenwich

Trial measures to reduce the amount of through-traffic using narrow residential streets in the East Greenwich area will be put in place on 24 September.  

The project is funded by the Department for Transport’s Active Travel Emergency Fund and should create quieter, safer streets. 

The trial measures have been developed with consideration for Transport for London (TfL)’s Cycleway 4 Extension along the A206. They involve the use of modal filters which maintain through-access for pedestrians and cyclists but not vehicles. The modal filters used will be two planters with a bollard in between. 

The trial measures will:

  • reduce non-local traffic using narrow residential streets instead of main roads  
  • create quieter, safer streets for residents and which enable more walking and cycling  
  • support public health by creating an environment where people can be more active, improving local air quality, and reducing noise pollution 

Locations of the modal filters

Modal filters will be located at the junctions of:

  • Pelton Road and Christchurch Way
  • Vanbrugh Hill and Walnut Tree Road
  • Vanbrugh Hill and Rodmere Street

The modal filters at the junction of Pelton Road and Christchurch Way will reduce the amount of through-traffic using Colomb Street which has resulted in several residents’ vehicles being damaged. TfL has confirmed that Christchurch Way will remain two-way following resident feedback.

The modal filters at the junction of Vanbrugh Hill and Walnut Tree Road and at the junction of Vanbrugh Hill and Rodmere Street will reduce the amount of through-traffic using Earlswood Street and Colomb Street

The black pins on the map show where the trial measures will be. 

What happens next?

The changes will be implemented using an Experimental Traffic Order and trialled over the next 6 months. We encourage you to provide your feedback based on your experiences of the measures being in place. We will write to local residents who will be directly affected by the work to implement these plans.  

All the feedback we receive will be considered before a decision is taken about whether to make the changes permanent. 

On the feedback form, select 'Modal filters' in the first box. Another box will then appear where you can select 'East Greenwich Traffic Reduction' to give your feedback about this project. 

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