Improving the area for walking, cycling and public transport

We've been awarded funding from the Mayor of London's Liveable Neighbourhoods initiative to improve air quality and reduce private car use in and around Greenwich town centre.

We have developed ideas for how the town centre can be improved and we ran a public engagement to get your views here. The public engagement closed on the 17th February and we are now working through the comments and information we received. Thank you to everyone who took the time to review the proposals and have your say. We will publish a report outlining the results of the engagement, how we are using this information to design the project and the next steps. This report is planned to be published in May 2019.

Reducing traffic in west Greenwich

We want to address safety and health concerns caused by traffic on residential streets in the residential areas around Greenwich Town Centre, in particular, the area shown by the map below. Attempts have been made in the past to address these issues by focussing on individual streets. This had the unintended effect of pushing traffic onto neighbouring streets. We're now looking for an area-wide approach across this area to resolve the issues holistically.

View the west Greenwich Liveable Neighbourhood area in a larger map

Over 2018 the Council met with a variety of stakeholders across this area and neighbouring areas to discuss ideas about how this could be achieved. This process helped to complement our objective understanding of the issues with the variety of different local perspectives on what should be done. Using this technical and local understanding we are looking at using a combination of timed and permanent restrictions that will be enforced through the use of cameras and street furniture. These designs are developing and we will run an online public engagement with in-person events so that local residents can help to inform the detail of the proposals. This is scheduled to take place in Summer 2019.

Once public engagement is complete proposals will be amended as needed and implemented for a trial period of between 6-12 months. This allows you to consider if the project works based on your real experience of it and allows us to monitor the impact of the proposals and adapt them in response to issues during the trial.