Speed restriction measures

The speed limit on domestic, built up roads with street lighting is 30 miles per hour - unless signs show otherwise.

The Royal Borough of Greenwich is not allowed to place repeated 30mph signs on roads, so if there is street lighting and no speed limit signs, you should assume that 30mph is the maximum speed allowed.

Speed bumps

At low speeds, vehicles can cross speed humps without causing undue discomfort to passengers or damage to the vehicle. As speeds increase, they become progressively more uncomfortable.

Speed humps are generally used on roads in a 20mph zone. There are three types:

  • continuous speed humps used across a road, or 'sleeping policemen'
  • a pillow or cushion hump that is wide enough to allow a wide wheelbase vehicle to pass unhindered (this means emergency vehicles and buses can get by)
  • speed tables - flat-topped humps that can be of any length (sometimes used to reduce the impact on long-wheel base vehicles such as buses).

Speed cameras

The purpose of safety cameras is to change driver behaviour - they are only used when people break speed limits. When this happens a camera detects the offence and provides evidence for a fixed penalty notice.

Who installs speed cameras?

The Royal Borough plays very little part in deciding where speed cameras should be located in Royal Greenwich. Traffic speed enforcement is carried out by the Police.

Posts, bollards and gates

Posts and bollards are placed in the road about 2.1 metres (seven feet) apart so that vehicles wider than this cannot pass between them.

There must be an alternative route available for large vehicles, such as refuse collection vehicles.

Sometimes a gate is provided for use by fire engines and other emergency vehicles whose staff carry keys.

Width restrictions

There are two main width restrictions:

  • chicanes that reduce the available carriageway width over a short length
  • throttles (or pinch points) narrow the road to provide a safe crossing point for pedestrians.

Used in conjunction with a speed table, they give the right of way to vehicles approaching from one direction.

How can I request speed restriction measures?

You can contact Transport to make a request.