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How to reserve a parking bay

In light of COVID-19, we are unable to process requests for parking bay suspension untill further notice.

If you need the Council to suspend a parking bay, you have to apply at least ten working days in advance. Residents or business can apply to suspend any type of parking bay, for reasons such as:

  • a domestic removal where a resident needs the outside of the property to be clear
  • roadworks
  • tree pruning.

You'll need to provide information such as:

  • when you require it
  • how long you need it for
  • reason for suspending the bay
  • the street plan if you're a business.


Parking bay suspension charges
Type of bay First day charge Subsequent day charge
Meter or pay and display bay £67 £24
All other bays £67 £7

You can request to suspend a second bay without charge if all of the following apply:

  • you're applying as a resident
  • the suspension is for a domestic removal
  • the bays are not meter or pay and display bays.

After you apply

Parking Services will check with the network management team that the suspension can be permitted.

If your application is successful, the Council will put up signs to give advance notice that bays are being suspended. The signs state:

  • the date of the suspension
  • the reason for the suspension.

If, on the day of the suspension, a vehicle is illegally parked in the bay, please report this to Parking Services. An Enforcement Officer will visit the location and issue a parking ticket if appropriate.

Please note:

  1. We can't stop people ignoring the signs and parking illegally.
  2. We can't remove any illegally parked vehicles.
  3. Parking suspension cancellation fee is 20% of suspension charge or £25.00 whichever is the greater amount.