Gaining permission to park on a yellow line

From time to time, it may be necessary for a vehicle to park on a yellow line where waiting restrictions are normally enforced to undertake work at a nearby premises.

What to do

If you require a dispensation, you must apply in advance. A minimum of seven working days' notice is required. Telephone Parking Services in advance and provide:

  • details of the dispensation you require
  • when you require it
  • for how long it is required
  • the reason for parking on the yellow line.

As such parking could affect traffic flows, Parking Services will need to check with the Highways section that the dispensation can be permitted.

What it costs

It costs £18 per day for a dispensation to park on a yellow line. Charities and certain types of business such as glazing and scaffolding companies, where we understand it is necessary to have the vehicle at the location, are not charged.

What happens next

If the Highways section agrees to the dispensation, we will prepare a dispensation document that we will send to you by post. When parking on the yellow line, the dispensation must be clearly on display such that it can be seen and available for checking by a civil enforcement officer.