Faulty parking meters or pay and display machines

If a parking meter or pay and display machine is faulty, we advise you to move to a different parking location. You can choose to remain in the meter bay, but you could receive a parking ticket.

If a fault develops in a pay and display machine, our system automatically alerts key staff so that they can attend to the machine as quickly as possible and rectify any fault.

Reporting the fault

All pay and display machines and parking meters have the Royal Borough of Greenwich's telephone number on the label. When reporting a meter or machine fault, you will be asked for the:

  • meter or machine number
  • the location of the meter or machine
  • the type of fault you are reporting.

We will send an officer to inspect the meter or machine and repair it if necessary.

Money lost in a meter or pay and display machine

To request a refund, you need to write to Parking Services, and include these details in your letter:

  • meter number
  • location of the meter or pay and display machine, including the floor if it is in a multi-storey car park
  • type of fault
  • date the fault occurred
  • amount of money lost.

Parking tickets

If you receive a parking ticket when parked at a faulty meter or machine, you can challenge the ticket online.

You can also write to us to challenge a parking ticket. Write to:

The Royal Borough of Greenwich 
PO Box 1621 
Century House 
NN1 9LA 

Please include any supporting evidence.