The base price for a business parking permit in most of Royal Greenwich is £275 for one year.  

You will get a discount if your vehicle has low carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. That means it emits 100 grams or less of CO2 for each kilometre you drive (100g/km).   

You will get an additional charge if your vehicle has higher CO2 emissions and emits 111g/km or more.  

These prices apply to almost all our controlled parking zones (CPZs). Check if you're in a controlled parking zone 

Permit prices in Abbey Wood, Blackheath Standard, Charlton, Eltham North and Westcombe Park will change at a later date. This is because these CPZs are going through a review process. 

Permit price by vehicle CO2 emissions 

Vehicle emissions (gCO2/km) Business parking permit price
0 £55
1 to 50 £137.50
51 to 75 £192.50
76 to 90 £220
91 to 100 £247.50
101 to 110 £275
111 to 130 £343.75
131 to 150 £412.50
151 to 170 £481.25
171 to 190 £550
191 to 225 £618.75
225 to 255 £687.50
Over 255 £825

Find your vehicle’s CO2 emissions  

To find out your vehicle’s CO2 emissions, you can:  

Commercial vehicles exception 

The permit price for DVLA registered commercial vehicles stops at £275, even if they emit more than 110g/km of CO2.  

This is due to the limited range of low emission commercial vehicles currently available.  

Multi vehicle business permit 

You can add up to 10 vehicles to this permit but only 1 can use the permit to park at a time. 

The permit price is £825. This is the same for all vehicles. 

All zones business permit

An all zones business permit costs:

  • £1500 for 1 year for 1 vehicle
  • £1800 for 1 year for up to 10 vehicles

This is the same for all vehicles.

If your permit price is wrong

If your vehicle is not registered with the DVLA, our system will charge you the highest price of £825 for one year.

To avoid this, you can buy temporary permits. These cost £20 for two weeks.

Apply for or renew a business parking permit

Find out more about changes to parking charges and parking permit costs